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Designing a game to gather data on the self-reliance of civilians

Mulder, R. (2021) Designing a game to gather data on the self-reliance of civilians.

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Abstract:The VeiligheidsRegio Twente, or VRT, continuously works on making the region Twente the safest place possible. They do this in multiple ways. One way is by setting up simulations and trainings for the fire department. But in order to help civilians stay safe, it is important to know what civilians do in case of emergency. Right now, the VRT does not have a database that contains information about this. A demo for a game that can gather data on how people react in a crisis situation was designed by a former Creative Technology student [4]. In this demo, participants face different dilemmas about what to do in case of a big storm and power outage. However, there is no way of knowing that people select the answer that they are most likely to do in real life. There is a big chance that people select the answer that they think is the correct one. This research dives into the topics of realism, (spatial) presence, stress, and decision making. Implementation of new ideas were done in different steps, leading to different game versions. When a game version was done, evaluations with civilians and VRT employees were done. At the end of the test rounds, there is still a lot to improve, but it became clear that this game works very well for gathering the data the VRT needs. It is recommended that the VRT looks into working out a different scenario besides a big storm. The game also consists now of multiple choice style questions, but the style of semantic differential might be a better option for this game as well. Making the game more based on actions instead of answering pop-up questions would need some research as well. And lastly a demo with a first-person view would make the game look more realistic.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:10 humanities in general, 20 art studies, 21 art forms, 54 computer science, 76 recreation, leisure, 81 education, teaching
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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