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Integrative analysis towards biomarker discovery on individual level in chronic pain patients

Verhoeven, BSc E.M.H. (2021) Integrative analysis towards biomarker discovery on individual level in chronic pain patients.

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Abstract:Current chronic pain treatments focus do not focus on underlying neurophysiological mechanisms due to lacking diagnostic tools. The nociceptive detection threshold - evoked potential (NDT-EP) experiment is adequate in studying brain signals around the detection threshold. This study aims to observe altered nociceptive processing on individual level by using features from the NDT-EP experiment in chronic pain patients and pain-free subjects. The diagnostic performance of single features was explored by receiver operating characteristic analysis. The performance of features in combinations was studied using a random forest classification model. Results show large sets of significant nociceptive detection threshold (NDT) features in contrast to evoked potential features for all comparisons between groups. More significant area under the curve values were retrieved from the P2 latency opposing those values at the N1 latency. Considering feature performance in combinations, five features with the highest predictor estimates were mainly NDT, and a few P2 features. This study identified important biomarkers from the NDT-EP experiment for observation of varying nociceptive processing on individual level between different groups. The NDT features showed the largest differentiating performance and were therefore considered most important, followed by P2 and N1 features.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Programme:Biomedical Engineering MSc (66226)
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