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Project governance in a project with integral contracted engineering services

Daatselaar, A. van (2021) Project governance in a project with integral contracted engineering services.

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Abstract:Integral contracted engineering services (ICES) is, at the time of writing, a new concept in the construction industry. A new concept brings a lot of unknowns. One of these unknowns is how the project governance, meaning the formal design and control of a project, should be optimally designed. In the case study, as discussed in this research, still some unclarities and inefficiencies remain in the project governance. By conducting interviews with key persons, obstructing issues for the project governance could be uncovered. For the found obstructing issues, possible solutions are proposed with the help of brainstorm sessions. It is concluded that some aspects need attention when working with ICES. The first main point of attention is the procurement method. For the case study, Best Value was used. It was noted that Best Value limits flexibility. The procurement method should be selected with care, to fit the principles of ICES. Concerning project management, issues came forward regarding team composition and communication with the client organisation. In the case study, inefficiencies were noticed in the communication in the team and with the client organisation. When selecting a project management approach, the workings of ICES should be taken into account to achieve fluent and clear communication. At last, this research shows that at the start of the case study project not all people were suitable to work with ICES. Selecting people on their competencies benefits the success of a project with ICES.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Construction Management and Engineering MSc (60337)
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