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Application of drone technology for firefighting

Dieteren, S.H.P. (2021) Application of drone technology for firefighting.

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Abstract:Fire incidents are getting more dangerous, complicated and larger scaled. A potential technical solution for this problem could be the application of drone technology for firefighting. This research aims to identify which potential business cases for drone application for firefighting there are, and how to further develop these. Through a combination of literature research and field research five business cases were identified: drones equipped with camera and ‘sniffer’ systems, firefighting swarms of drones and drones equipped with fire-extinguishing balls and Ifex impulse firefighting gun. A theoretical framework was made with literature that explains the success factors of new-product development and adoption, which gave a solid base for answering the second research question of how to develop the business cases. With information gathered from expert interviews a quick scan tool was used to assess the readiness of the several business cases. Result showed that the non-extinguishing business cases, which are the drones equipped with camera and ‘sniffer’ systems, are in a later stage of the development process than the extinguishing business cases. Another important finding was that the sales market of the fire department is not big, and that the business cases should also be of use in other sectors to make up for this problem. The theoretical framework gave an insight in how to proceed with developing the several business cases. It indicated a need for differentiation, good communication, trust and cooperation to make the development of the business cases into a success. The advice to drone companies that are looking for a business case that they can implement in the coming years and that can serve a lot of customers, the first two business cases of drones with camera systems and ‘sniffers’ should be considered, with an opportunity to possibly combine the two.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:International Business Administration BSc (50952)
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