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Measuring Emotions of Daily Life : the Association between Self-Esteem and Anxiety of University Students

Worm, Hanna (2021) Measuring Emotions of Daily Life : the Association between Self-Esteem and Anxiety of University Students.

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Abstract:An experience sampling study was conducted by 35 university students. It was investigated how both trait-level self-esteem and anxiety are associated with anxiety on an average state level. Furthermore, a trait-level comparison of both concepts is executed. Lastly, as momentary anxiety is dependent on the context in which it is experienced, it was also examined what contexts affect average state anxiety the most. A Pearson's correlation revealed a strong negative association between trait-level self-esteem and anxiety (r = -.763, p < .01). Thus, high levels of self-esteem are linked to lower levels of anxiety. Similar results were found on a trait-state level comparison as the association between self-esteem on a trait level and average state anxiety was also a strong and negative one (r = -.548, p < .01). Therefore, high trait-level self-esteem is associated with lower average state anxiety levels. The association between trait anxiety and average state anxiety is a strongly positive one (r = .763, p < .01). Thus, possessing high levels of trait anxiety leads to the experience of higher levels of average state anxiety. For the participants, the most anxiety-evoking events are study- and work-related (M = 2.18). The study provides new insights into the association between self-esteem and anxiety in daily life and thereby extends prior research by showing that self-esteem on a trait level has similar effects on momentary anxiety as on trait-level anxiety. This highlights the need for tailored interventions aimed at increasing self-esteem to provide people with strategies to deal with anxiety in their daily lives.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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