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Methodology Development for Cycle Packaging : creating a method and corresponding software for a logistical problem within VDL ETG Almelo

Post, L.J.M. (2021) Methodology Development for Cycle Packaging : creating a method and corresponding software for a logistical problem within VDL ETG Almelo.

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Abstract:The troublesome logistics of purchased large products at VDL ETG Almelo Parts Manufacturing have led to frequent disorganization and notable cost. This disorganization is caused by a lack of methodology around custom made packaging that VDL reuses to deliver and receive complex parts, this packaging will be referred to in this report as “cycle packaging”. The need for emergency shipments to deliver the cycle packaging to suppliers and time-consuming searches for packaging throughout VDL’s Almelo location are clear indications of a fundamental core problem: “The present cycle packaging process is insufficiently organized to be traceable or reliable.” The objective was to understand the process as it was being performed (to be called “current process”), to identify the flaws, and use this information to create an improved process with stakeholders. Creating improved processes is a well-documented field of research, this field soundly indicates the clearest path to creating process order is business process mapping (BPM). The industry 4.0 compliant version of the Value Stream Mapping method was chosen as ideal BPM for this situation. VSM was chosen because it is a proven method for MTO, because of the methods capacity for rapid systematic improvement, and specifically the 4.0 variant because it exceeds in the provision of traceability (a key variable in VDL’s process improvement), as data is tracked meticulously. The current process relied heavily on interpersonal communication and physics searching, The overview of the current process presented a set of problems: - Data regarding the process was incomplete (packaging and product number not linked) or not being used (64% of data points are not used, 55% of data not digital). - Responsibilities were not clearly assigned to stakeholders, inhibiting problem ownership. - There was no communication about upcoming (urgent) packaging demands to logistics. - Packaging is lost throughout the factory, requiring extensive searching to recover. Through interviews, Kaizen Burst sessions, literature regarding modernizing production logistics, ERP system analysis and iterative process mapping the process was reinvented to arrive at an integrated & modernized future process. Simplified, the new process involves a program that uses data from suppliers and purchasing employees to determine when packaging should ideally be sent. When that date arrives the program automatically informs the logistics department of packaging to be sent. In the event of a packaging shortage, purchasing is informed immediately, allowing them sufficient time to adequately address the problem. The improved process hinges on connecting the purchasing and logistical departments of VDL ETG Almelo using newly added data points. These data points can be used alongside the existing database to predict and automate necessary communications, which reduces process complexity, and adds more traceability. The new method changes the logistical process from a reactive, to a proactive lean approach.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
VDL ETG Almelo, Almelo, Netherlands
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:50 technical science in general
Programme:Industrial Engineering and Management BSc (56994)
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