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Using process mining to classify habits through the analysis of daily activities

Lütke-Sunderhaus, D.J. (2021) Using process mining to classify habits through the analysis of daily activities.

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Abstract:Routines and habits are an essential part of our daily life. Everyone has them and inevitably develops them. They are the human mind's way of automizing behaviour and let us work more efficiently. However, this behaviour might not always be desired and not everyone is happy with their routines and habits. Some want to change their habits because they see them as disadvantageous, or they are actively harmful. Behaviour support technology can assist them with changing their routines. However, for a behaviour support agent to assist with the change, a clear definition of the routine that needs changing is needed first. Many people do not know the exact sequence of events that form their routine. In this paper, we want to categorize routines and habits and find out how we can identify them. First, we will perform a literature study, to get an understanding of the underlying matter as well as find categories to place habits and routines in. To verify our results from the literature, we will use process mining as a means to analyse datasets containing daily activity logs.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Programme:Business & IT BSc (56066)
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