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Protocol assessment for flow and shear stress applications in 3D microfluidic hydrogel-based ’vessel-on-a-chip’ systems

Timmerije, R. (2021) Protocol assessment for flow and shear stress applications in 3D microfluidic hydrogel-based ’vessel-on-a-chip’ systems.

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Abstract:Three dimensional(3D) microfluidic hydrogel-based vessel-on-a-chip systems are increasingly used in research regarding cardiovascular physiology, pathophysiology and therapeutic drugs. Fluid flow and wall shear stress are important factors in regulation of the physiology of the vessel and disease progression. Currently, no protocol is present at the AST research group to test these factors inside the 3D hydrogel-based vessel-on-chip systems. The goal was to produce a workable and suitable protocol to apply flow inside the vessel-on-a-chip system. The developed protocol was validated by assessing the flow profile and finally applied in a vessel-on-a-chip seeded with endothelial cells. The obtained flow profile has a parabolic shape as expected. However, the flow rate deviated from the set flow rate, making exact shear stress calculations unpredictable. Next, flow was applied to endothelial cells to generate a physiologically relevant arterial shear stress for 6 hours. The protocol used in the assessment of the flow was limited to 200mL volume, which was not enough to apply a physiological shear stress for the set amount of time. A flow rate of 1.8mL/min was administered to generate 4.1 and 6.0 Pa of shear stress on the endothelial cells. To accommodate for this volume a protocol was proposed using a 50mL tube as reservoir. However, this protocol was very laborious in reusing the fluid. After applying the shear stress, the endothelial cells showed a orientation bias in the direction of the flow. The assessed protocol shows a characteristic flow profile and is capable of applying physiologically relevant arterial shear stresses, which induced a cellular response in endothelial cells.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Programme:Biomedical Technology BSc (56226)
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