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CS:GO as a Serious Game for the Navy

Zandt, T.W.A (2021) CS:GO as a Serious Game for the Navy.

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Abstract:Teamwork is an important skill and is crucial for the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN). The RNLN uses the Crew Resource Management (CRM) model to train teamwork. The CRM model describes seven team-based competencies: decision-making, assertiveness/responsiveness, communication, leadership, adaptability/flexibility, and situational awareness. Currently, these team-based competencies are trained using traditional methods, such as classroom-type settings, workshop-based settings, simulations and team-reviews. A promising field to train these competencies is through the use of videogames, especially through the modification of existing games. The RNLN has shown interest in using Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) as a tool to train CRM competencies. However, they do not know how this game can be used to train these competencies. This research takes a step into answering this question by answering the design question of how an insight can be provided in communication and leadership when people are playing CS:GO, intended for training purposes. Two competencies are picked to limit the scope. These are communication and leadership, since these are crucial for teamwork and enable the other competencies. A Creative Technology approach is taken to create a tool that uses quantitative data analysis to analyse speech data. This analysis uses Bales Interaction Process Analysis (IPA) model to identify group processes and uses research by Butler et al. to interpret Bales' IPA model for leadership styles. The tool uses manual transcription, since available automatic tools are qualitatively not good enough or are outside the scope of this study. The information that is retrieved from the analysis is outputted on a dashboard to give an insight in how communication and leadership are reflected when people play CS:GO. To verify the tool, communication data during a CS:GO game is used from two sessions. One session with an experienced team and the other with an inexperienced team. The tool is expected to show different communication patterns between the two teams. These different patterns show in the results, indicating that the model can discriminate between teams. To conclude, the tool can give insight in communication and leadership in CS:GO, outputting information on a dashboard that can be used for training purposes. A validation of the tool needs to be done to assess the correctness of the output. Next to this, there needs to be further research into how the manual transcription of the data can be solved if the tool is to be used in training scenarios. The results of the study show the existence of different communication patterns and leadership styles, however, future work should look into whether there is actually competency development or enhancement. Further future work directions can be looking at the other CRM competencies or looking at other data measuring methods.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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