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Validation of Eilmer4 by a 3D boundary layer problem

Spee, J.G. (2019) Validation of Eilmer4 by a 3D boundary layer problem.

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Abstract:For my Mechanical Engineering internship I went to the University of Queensland. Their Centre for Hypersonics group conducts research in the area of high speed flow. The group has developed a computational fluid dynamics program called Eilmer4. The program is continuously updated with bug fixes and performance improvements. A lot of simulations in two dimensions have been performed with success. Simulations in three dimensions however are a relatively unexplored area. To help further develop the program a comparison study has been performed. The study of Sandy Tirtey Characterization of a Transitional Hypersonic Boundary-Layer in Wind Tunnel and Flight conditions has been compared with the results of a simulation done by Eilmer4. The setup of this system is made in a Lua script and the program itself is written in D language. The program is executed on a Linux system. The first goal was to get familiar with these new languages and programs in order to work with them. To minimize errors a robust system to describe the geometry and boundary conditions had to be generated. To get insights for the 3D simulation a 2D simulation has been done previously. The final simulation has been compared with the experiments of Tirtey. The flow pattern produced by Eilmer4 matches the results of the experiments. The calculated heat flux however is 2 orders higher in the results of Eilmer4. The calculated modified Stanton number corresponds better although the results still do not correspond completely. This study has improved the program Eilmer4, but to better compare the results more simulations with an even finer grid are suggested.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:high speed flow, computational fluid dynamics program, Simulations in three dimensions
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