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Effectiveness of a geo-based survey as part of the Delta Plan Spatial Adaption

Harmsen, H.Z. (2021) Effectiveness of a geo-based survey as part of the Delta Plan Spatial Adaption.

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Abstract:Climate change is a widely recognized problem for which no simple answer exists. The Dutch Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation (DPRA) is a framework for municipalities to lead the adaptation in the right direction. This plan consists of seven ambitions and typically starts with a stress test to map the challenges, a risk dialogue with stakeholders to give value to the results of the stress test and finally a composition of the adaptation strategy. The stakeholders involved are rarely residents. At the same time is there a rise in the use of Public Participation GIS to increase the participation of the general public in spatial planning. This study aims to determine if such a PPGIS in the form of a geo-based survey is of added value to the process steps outlined in the DPRA. The hypothesis is that a geo-based survey yields information about the current climate change effects in a neighbourhood to validate the stress test and provide information for the risk dialogue. To test this hypothesis, a geo-based survey was distributed among residents of a part of a neighbourhood in the municipality of Enschede. Respondents were asked to appoint the locations where they experience waterlogging, groundwater nuisance, and which locations need protection against waterlogging. Responses were analysed using the software of Maptionnaire and compared with the results of the Climate Impact Atlas. Results showed that a geo-based survey is a good method to use as first step in the risk dialogue. Despite a low response rate due to inefficient dispersion, the geo-based survey yielded additional information on the project area and showed great potential for informing residents and validating the results of the stress test.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
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Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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