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Cytodex-3 microcarrier particle suspensions as bioactive embedding baths for 3D biorpinting

Hoorne, L. A. van (2021) Cytodex-3 microcarrier particle suspensions as bioactive embedding baths for 3D biorpinting.

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Abstract:Due to recent advancements in 3D bioprinting, creating large biological structures with high metabolic demands is becoming more and more of a reality. This calls for the need for pre-vascularized tissue. In this research, a novel printing technique will be used where printing is done inside a granular medium consisting of Cytodex-3 microparticles. Because of the nature of the granular medium, a 2,5D cell culture environment is created to stimulate arteriogenesis. The parameter used to manipulate the behavior of the granular medium is the volume fraction (Vf ). The Vf is defined as the fraction of the total volume occupied by the microparticles. The goal of this research is to find the ideal Vf in which printing in the granular medium can be performed. First, the Cytodex-3 microparticles will be characterized in shape and size. Secondly, different granular mediums ranging from 50% to 70% Vf will be analyzed at macro and microscale. The third step will be to find an operational window for printing in the granular medium. With these results, Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVECs) and Smooth Muscle Cells (SMCs) single cells and spheroids will be printed in a granular medium with the optimal Vf. Cytodex-3 microparticles are found to be spherical with an average diameter of 212 ± 26 µm and a polydispersity of 0.54. Furthermore, the operational window for printing was found to be very large ranging from 55% to 65% Vf. If the Vf reached 70% it loses its self-healing property. Printing was done with a 410 um nozzle, so lines were compared to this inner diameter. Best print resolutions were found at 677 p/m 120 um and 531 p/m 90 um for 60% and 65% respectively. Due to time constraints, cell printing is not yet performed successfully, but it is recommended to test this during future experiments because of promising results obtained during this research.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:51 materials science
Programme:Biomedical Technology BSc (56226)
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