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Co-ownership in renewables and the Endona cooperative

Verbraak, R. (2021) Co-ownership in renewables and the Endona cooperative.

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Abstract:This master thesis inquires the following research question: “How can the Endona cooperative include municipalities and/or commercial investors like SMEs, and advance to economies of scale while retaining the benefits of individual consumer participation and what can other energy cooperatives learn from this?" The advancement of economies of scales of energy cooperatives could lead to an acceleration in the energy transition. As such it is also useful in the Netherlands given the transition targets set by the Regional Energy Strategies, as well as the goals set by the European Union. By assessing how the Dutch Endona energy cooperative can advance its economies of scale, implicitly both the viability of RECs in the Netherlands and the possible implementation of Consumer Stock Ownership Plans (CSOPs) in the Netherlands are investigated. Several relevant alternatives are developed for the organisational structures of the Endona cooperative, and several learning factors are included for other energy cooperatives. This is done based on academic literature, policy documents, news articles and interviews with relevant stakeholders. These stakeholders included the Endona cooperative, the neighbourhood team of Endona, other energy cooperatives in the region, the municipality of Raalte and the province of Overijssel. Overall, a hybrid structure is suggested, where the CSOP is adapted to Dutch law employing a contractual trusteeship arrangement, the “Stichting Administratiekantoor” (STAK). As a general recommendation, social support is advocated as being necessary for energy cooperatives to innovate, alongside the need to make steps need to be taken to further professionalisation of energy cooperatives.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:86 law, 88 social and public administration
Programme:Environmental and Energy Management MSc (69319)
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