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A3AO interactions on large screen

Jiacheng, Liao (2021) A3AO interactions on large screen.

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Abstract:A3 Architecture Overviews (A3AO) created by Daniel Borches (2010), is a powerful systems engineering development tool that is helpful for effective communications and also a compact toolbox to handle the systems engineering process. Our research aims to develop the A3 Overviews Architecture (A3AO) on large screen devices to cover full usage stages of creating A3AO, reading A3AO and giving feedback for A3AO. The research begins with stakeholder research which focuses on Asian high tech companies and students. We explore their working process of systems and product development and conclude two kinds of working processes. The stakeholder research indicates the problems in systems and product development and pictures stakeholder traits. We observe and analyze A3AO functionalities and recognize them as three types: to summarize, to expand and to evaluate. The research proposes that there exists a loop for using A3AO functionalities: summarize, expand, evaluate. According to three types of functionality category, we use platform design method to decompose the A3AO functionality into main action phases. These main action phases give inspiration for building a platform composed by a series of tools to create the A3AO documents. Then the research uses systems engineering method in interaction design to build the interaction frame based on results of stakeholder research. The interaction frame covers the full usage stages of creating, reading and giving feedback, and builds the functions and operations inside. At the same time, based on inspiration of A3AO functionality decomposition, a series of create tools are developed to realize the usage stage of creating A3AO documents. Then, the interaction frame guides the visualization. The resulted interaction is called A3AO manipulate center. A demo is developed as HTML interfaces. The demo runs well on A3 sized touch screen tablet and PC. In the total research process, the research not only results in the interaction of A3AO, but also proposes the using loop of A3AO functionalities and an attempt of introducing systems engineering method into interaction design. Based on total research content, the research proposes statements about understanding systems engineering.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:50 technical science in general
Programme:Industrial Design Engineering MSc (66955)
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