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The Integrated Implementation Of Environmental Impact Assessment And Environmental Management System On The Power Plant Sector In Indonesia

Hasan, Adib (2021) The Integrated Implementation Of Environmental Impact Assessment And Environmental Management System On The Power Plant Sector In Indonesia.

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Abstract:In order to balance economic development and the pressure on the environment, there have been several regulatory and voluntary instruments that businesses can use for such purposes. In a large number of countries, the Environmental Impact Assessment uses a command-and-control approach, while Environmental Management System uses a voluntary approach. By integrating these two instruments, more effective and efficient management can be expected. This research aims at classifying the potentials and barriers of the integration process of the two instruments in the power plant sector in Indonesia. Taking the power plant sector as a showcase in Indonesia is based on its vital position in the Indonesian economy. In addition, the contribution of this particular sector can be accountable for the 7th Sustainable Development Goal (affordable and clean energy). With the purpose to answer the research question, How to integrate the potentials of the EIA and EMS schemes to boost their expected individual benefits? The research approach combined desk research to find the suitable integration concept for the power plants and semi-structured interviewed to gain empirical data and information from relevant stakeholders from the government, business, EIA consultants, and EMS certification body. This study found that EIA-EMS integration's power plant sector concept is slightly different from other literature concepts. For instance, there is a sequencing used of EIA’s document for EMS preparation and operation. A sharing of information was also found internally in the power plant. However, It was not shared with another power plant during the planning process. Barriers to the integration were also identified, such as the commitment level of stakeholders, in-situ capacity, and legal aspects. Lastly, the perception of the power plant stakeholders was mostly positive in relation to EIA-EMS integration. Power plant stakeholders have created some room for integration of the two instruments. Nevertheless, as expected, EIA is still the main environmental instrument applied in the sector.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:43 environmental science
Programme:Environmental and Energy Management MSc (69319)
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