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Anxiety, well-being, and social contacts in daily life of students : an experience sampling study

Veltmann, J.F. (2021) Anxiety, well-being, and social contacts in daily life of students : an experience sampling study.

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Abstract:Objective: The problem of decreased well-being is especially prevalent in students as they are facing several challenges and stressors. The research on this topic is of increasing importance, yet there is a lack of research that is taking the daily fluctuations of those variables into account. Consequently, this study aimed at assessing the relationship between state anxiety and state well-being together with the potential moderator number of social contacts. Method: An Experience Sampling Method was conducted over the course of two weeks (42 measurement points), where the participants had to fill in a questionnaire three times a day. In total, 29 participants were included in the analyses (Mean age = 23.2; female = 55%). The analyses were performed with a series of Linear Mixed Models. Results: The analyses revealed a significant negative relationship between anxiety and well-being on a within- (β=-.40, p<.001) and between-person level (β=-.19, p<.001). Social contacts and well-being displayed a significant positive relationship on both within- (β=.23, p<.001) and between-person levels (β=.36, p<.001). The relationship between social contacts and anxiety was not significant. Finally, an interaction effect of social contacts and anxiety on well-being was found on a within-person level (β=.47, p<.001). Conclusion: Overall, the study adds to the growing body of research as it gave more insights into the patterns of covariance of social contacts, anxiety, and well-being in daily life. In conclusion, the burden of university students when dealing with several stressors should be considered by research and suitable interventions should be made available.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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