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Operations Strategy : Orange Climate Waterloo

Visch, M.D. (2021) Operations Strategy : Orange Climate Waterloo.

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Abstract:Situation: The demand for OC Waterloo’s products have risen. Hence, OC Waterloo’s turnover over the last five years has increased from 4,5 million euros to 8,5 million euros. As a result, the demand for OC Waterloo’s operations has risen. Therefore, OC Waterloo has invested heavily in its operations. In total, these investments were 1,2 million euros. Although OC Waterloo has made investments in its operations, there are still several problems in the production facility. The most important problems are: exceeding delivery dates, a high lead time, over utilization of machines and personnel, digitisation issues with planning and data, a lack of support for changes and the personnel does not have the same focus, in terms of growth, towards the future of the operations facility. Complication: Although OC Waterloo is working on these problems, a clear strategic operations plan is lacking for the future. For this reason, OC Waterloo has made investments that did not contribute to the improvement of the operations. Thereby, OC Waterloo is not making the best of its current resources and questions whether they have the right focus in the operations facility. Considering OC Waterloo is growing, an operations strategy is needed to be able to cope with the adaptions and or/upscaling of the operations. An operations strategy provides a well-thought-out plan for that. Question: Therefore, the goal of this research is to develop a strategic plan for the operations facility which is in line with the strengths of the current production facility, business strategy and market’s needs. Therefore, the following central research question has been answered: What should the Operations Strategy of OC Waterloo become and how could it be implemented for the following 5 years, so that it is in line with the strengths of the current production facility, business strategy and market’s needs? The question has been answered using a literature review, data analyses and semi-structured interviews.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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