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Country profile of the land administration domain for Ghana: with the inclusion title, deeds, customary and informal systems of land registration

Okyere, Derick Boateng (2021) Country profile of the land administration domain for Ghana: with the inclusion title, deeds, customary and informal systems of land registration.

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Abstract:Access to land sits at the crust of all contemporary political goals like climate action, disaster management, spatial planning, gender equity and poverty eradication. Land administration when well organized ensures the security of people’s rights to access land. Since it can ensure security of tenure, land rights for all and regarding all kinds of people to land relationships are important. This study looks at the land administration system of Ghana, which is not succeeding. Partly due to data redundancies, errors, inconsistencies, and discrepancies as well as the analogue nature of the system. The new Land Act 2020 (Act 1036) that supports eConveyancing together with recent projects to digitized land administration in Ghana has urged the need for a well-designed nationwide land administration infrastructure that can be implemented step by step. The foundation of a digital (distributed) database is a conceptual data model. The land administration domain model (LADM) is a conceptual data model certified by the international organization for standardization (ISO). The land administration system in Ghana requires a conceptual data model that can integrate, standardize, and interoperate land tenure data from the title, deeds, customary and informal land registration systems while ensuring high data quality. Plus, with the functionalities to support swift jettison or conversion of any of these multiple systems. The LADM provides the core functionality and a reference framework to support the design of such a conceptual model. This study sought to create and evaluate an initial draft proposal of a LADM based country profile for Ghana. With additional requirements derived from streamlining the deeds to title conversion in Ghana with lessons from Ontario conversion process. This qualitative and design study used semi-structured interviews and document analysis to draw data requirements from ten areas in Ghana with diverse customary land tenure reflected in their respective customary land registration systems. The interviews were conducted virtually with key informants from the Lands Commission, Customary Land Secretariats, Meridia and the Ontario Land Agency. The results were data requirements from Ghana on parties, documents, registers, rights, restrictions, responsibilities, spatial unit, surveying, and representation (core LADM packages) elicited, analysed, and presented. The ongoing deeds to title conversion process in Ghana is included in the analyses. Solutions to expedite based on lessons from a similar process in Ontario, Canada were analysed, and data requirements were elicited. Again, the initial draft LADM country profile for Ghana was created and presented in unified modelling language (UML). Finally, the country profile was evaluated with a requirement authentication framework. In addition, the model was evaluated with the Abstract Test Suite of the ISO 19152. All the packages in the country profile passed and have level 3 compliance (highest level) The study concludes that the initial LADM country profile for Ghana created is a conceptual level form of a digital database that co-opts all the multiple registration systems in Ghana as well as can swiftly phase out any of these multiple systems if necessary. This draft aims to initiate a national debate among all stakeholders. Hence this study recommends that subsequent research and steps should focus on deliberations, improvements, and agreement on this country profile. Again, to develop and convert this model into a technical model for implementation in an agile approach.
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