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Evaluating the land administration organization: a case of agricultural land reform office in Thailand

Jongtong, Wanwisa (2021) Evaluating the land administration organization: a case of agricultural land reform office in Thailand.

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Abstract:A land administration organization is an entity carrying out land administration activities. Although the legal framework and spatial framework used by land administration organizations are often well-functioning, the organizational framework could hinder land administration implementation. Many developing countries do not have fully registered land rights. Therefore, this study aims to evaluate a land administration organization using the Agricultural Land Reform Office (ALRO) in Thailand as a case study. ALRO has been carrying out the land reform program for more than 45 years. However, from the literature review, ALRO has some existing organizational issues that could affect work performance. Hence, understanding its organizational framework will help to identify the areas that need improvement. There are several existing assessment frameworks in the land administration domain and other related works. However, it was found that there is no standard assessment framework for the evaluation of organizational frameworks. In addition, identifying the suitable assessment framework provides a more efficient evaluation result. Therefore, this study adopted an Organization Assessment Framework and existing indicators in the land administration domain to come up with the assessment framework for ALRO. The assessment framework for ALRO consists of three dimensions and their corresponding aspects and indicators. The qualitative approach was applied, and semi-structured interviews were used to collect data from different stakeholders. The evaluation result was integrated with the stakeholders’ responses to identify possible strategies for ALRO to improve work performance and public services using SWOT analysis. The research provides an assessment framework for evaluating a land administration organization. In the case of ALRO, the assessed dimensions partially align with the indicators. The work process, ICT infrastructure and human resources aspects are the priority areas that need improvement. The national policy related to land reform and governance, and ALRO’s stakeholders are external components that affect ALRO’s performance. To improve ALRO’s performance, there is a need to enhance the ICT and business strategies. Finally, the lessons learned from the adopted organizational assessment framework and its performance on evaluating the case study were presented.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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