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Podcasting Mental Disorder to reduce Stigmatization: The potential of Parasocial Relationship

Slabbers, R. (2021) Podcasting Mental Disorder to reduce Stigmatization: The potential of Parasocial Relationship.

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Abstract:Background. The present study aimed to investigate how participants within this study experience the PSR related factors, after watching a podcast episode featuring mental disorders. These factors are named: identification, parasocial interaction, authenticity, intimacy, and attractiveness. A PSR can be defined as an imaginary, one-sided relationship between a media figure and the audience. Method. The qualitative and explorative study design used two focus groups with four participants each. During the focus groups, the participants watched two podcasts, with two different mental disorders. Results. All five factors were found. The factor of identification was supported by the subcodes, identification with behaviour, - struggles, and -symptoms. Parasocial interaction consisted of speech pattern, content, and social deixis. For authenticity, the subcodes honesty and representation of character were found. The subcodes of self-disclosure and sensitivity of topics were identified in the context of the factor intimacy. The factor of attractiveness was sorted according to the attractiveness of behaviour and beliefs of the podcast hosts. Lastly, the effect of curiosity was identified. Conclusion. Lower levels of identification combined with high levels of parasocial interaction, authenticity, intimacy, and attractiveness could be attributed to episode (B). This combination of PSR factors had the effect of curiosity. According to episode (A), all five factors were present and consisted of high levels each but without the effect of curiosity. A repetition of the present study, with a focus on the factor identification, would give useful insights into the present findings. The factor of identification has been shown to lead to contrasting results according to the different podcast episodes.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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