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Assessing User Satisfaction with Chatbots : Towards the Standardization of the USIC scale

Bigga, Jasmin Sophie (2020) Assessing User Satisfaction with Chatbots : Towards the Standardization of the USIC scale.

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Abstract:Despite the growing demand for service chatbots, many of them fail to meet users’ demands. To resolve this issue, developers need insight on aspects that influence user satisfaction with chatbots. However, user satisfaction measures for the context of chatbots are lacking. Addressing this challenge, Balaji and Borsci (2019) proposed the User Satisfaction with Information Chatbots (USIC) scale. Evidence for the reliability and validity of the USIC was gathered by several studies. However, the validity and reliability of the scale needs to be assessed repeatedly during the process of standardization, to gather evidence for the generalizability of the results. The current study replicated the usability study by Balaji and Borsci (2019). Participants interacted with five chatbots and completed the USIC and the UMUX-Lite after each interaction. Our results indicate a four-factor structure of the USIC, in line with previous work. Additionally, we examined the effect of age and affinity for technology on user satisfaction with chatbots, however, the results were non-significant. To increase the USICs applicability we reduced the scale by selecting the items with the strongest factor loadings, which resulted in a 14-item questionnaire with two latent factors. Concurrent validity of the USIC was indicated by the strong correlation with the standardized user satisfaction measure UMUX-Lite. Overall, our research provides further evidence that the USIC is a reliable tool to assess user satisfaction with chatbots and to guide developers in formulating clear design guidelines for these systems.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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