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Spatial effects of urban green spaces on real estate: A case study of Mumbai, India

Chaturvedi, Harsh (2021) Spatial effects of urban green spaces on real estate: A case study of Mumbai, India.

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Abstract:There is a vast literature present on the domain of Environmental Inequities and Valuations. The environmental inequities in the low socioeconomic status areas in the Global South cities are well documented. On the other hand, the Environmental Valuation studies have primarily been conducted in the cities of Global North. The results from the Global North valuation studies are not consistent with the few valuation studies conducted in the Global South. Especially in the cities of India, there is a massive shortage of studies in the domain of Environmental Inequities and Valuation. Mumbai, in particular, has seen a decline in quantities of urban green spaces over past decades, and the urban local bodies had not been able to meet the demands when compared to the National and Global standards. The strict supply and demand approach for the provision of urban green spaces and little emphasis on the spatial aspects have already led to greening displacements. This study attempted to identify the inequities present in the provision and access to the urban green spaces provision w.r.t low socioeconomic status areas and quantify the relationships of proximity to urban green spaces w.r.t. to the listing’s prices properties. The urban green spaces are analyzed as managed and unmanaged types, derived from Yok, Wang, & Sia (2013). Through this study, the inequities and valuations of urban green spaces were coherently analyzed, unlike previous studies that assess one of these aspects in isolation using global(aspatial) and local (spatial) statistical models. The results from the local models in the study did not indicate the presence of inequities in provision and access to the types of urban green spaces w.r.t to the low socioeconomic status areas. However, the analysis highlighted areas where the urban green spaces have significant relationships present with the land values and the listing price of properties in rent and sale categories. The study serves as a guiding mechanism to the urban local body to identify areas with significant relationships concerning urban green spaces in cases of implementing further provisions/upgrades in DP 2034 and informing them to avoid future cases of greening displacements in the city.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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