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Exploring the impacts of spatial development on public water service provision: a case of Bengaluru, India

Lingamgunta, Mahesh Dutt (2021) Exploring the impacts of spatial development on public water service provision: a case of Bengaluru, India.

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Abstract:Urbanization and associated spatial development in the global south cities exert a lot of pressure on urban infrastructure provision and management. Indian metropolitan cities such as Bengaluru are experiencing severe water-related issues due to unprecedented spatial growth and complicated spatial development patterns. The absence of territorial equalization and other unifying mechanisms amongst urban spatial development and water service planning, resulting in a sectoral approach, is escalating the issue day by day. To address this poor coordination between the spatial development and water service sectors and formulate infrastructure integrated spatial planning policies, there is a need to understand the feedbacks and interactions between spatial development and water service provision. This study explores the impacts of spatial development on public water service provision using a case study and mixed methodological approach. This study was conducted in an Indian city named Bengaluru. It used spatial, quantitative, and qualitative data analysis methods to associate spatial development patterns and policy with changes in public water service provision. The study's main findings confirm that spatial development and planning policies have a direct influence on public water service provision. Additionally, this study finds that spatial development has both positive and negative impacts on water service provision. The empirical research shows that spatial development patterns act differently on water service provision in different parts of the study due to its poor integrations with the urban water sector. In specific, the research outcome adds to the current understanding of spatial development patterns of Bengaluru by finding out that spatial development patterns such as changes in landcover and landuse diversity can also be observed in inner city areas along with the peripheral areas. This study shows that the current spatial planning policies emphasize more on regulating spatial development over sustainable development. Concerning the impact of spatial development on water service provision in the city of Bengaluru, this study demonstrates that spatial development has led to positive changes in a few aspects of public waters service provision such as accessibility, availability with the improvement of physical infrastructure along with the spatial development. However, aspects such as affordability show a neutral picture in inner and outer city areas, and adequacy shows a negative picture in the inner and outer city areas with the increased demand-supply gap as the spatial growth increases especially in the peripheral areas. Overall, this research argues that water service planning is insufficiently aligned with spatial development planning in Bengaluru. Moreover, there is a rise in water adequacy issues due to increasing urban growth and reliability on a single water supply source. This understanding of the impacts of spatial development on the water service sector can inform water-sensitive spatial development and planning policies that are context-specific. This research adds a new understanding of the interactions between aspects of spatial development and water service dimensions in an urban setting by demonstrating the positive impacts in addition to the negative impacts. Furthermore, this study confirms the influences of inefficient spatial planning policies on spatial development and urban water service provision. Lastly, this study acts as a bridge between spatial and urban water service domains promoting integrated research in urban planning studies.
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Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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