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On pulsation in external gear pumps: CFD analysis and experimental investigation of pulsation in external gear pumps.

Bos, M.C. (2021) On pulsation in external gear pumps: CFD analysis and experimental investigation of pulsation in external gear pumps.

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Abstract:External gear pumps (EGPs) are a type of positive displacement pump used in a wide range of applications. VMI Holland BV, a tyre machine production company, uses it during the production of rubber tyres. The EGP is used to pressurize the rubber compound before it is extruded to rubber strips and wound around a drum to create a layer of the tyre. The EGP introduces pulsation in the cross-sectional area of the rubber strips. For cost saving, tyre quality, rolling efficiency and noise control it is important that the layers of the tyre, and thus the rubber strips, have consistent dimensions. Demcon Multiphysics, an engineering agency with expertise in simulating complex flow problems, has therefore been asked to conduct research into pulsation caused by EGPs, and ultimately find a way to eliminate the pulsation. The first steps towards eliminating pulsation are: to be able to influence the pulsation caused by EGPs and to predict the resulting pulsation. These steps are the research goals of the present study. The pulsation in the strip dimensions is caused by the kinematics of the EGP and affected by the dynamics of the fluid. Several factors, such as geometry of the EGP, material properties of the rubber compound and the temperature affect the pulsation and can be used to manipulate it. The present study uses active anti pulsation, which functions by varying the rotational velocity of the gears of the EGP during rotation of the gears without changing the mean rotational velocity. Experiments are conducted and CFD simulations are performed to investigate the influence of several factors on the pulsation of the EGP. The results show that the CFD simulations are able to predict the pulsation behaviour measured during the experiments adequately. CFD simulations can be used in future research to reduce pulsation caused by EGPs.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Demcon Multiphysics, Enschede, Nederland
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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