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Health deterioration caused by irregular working schedules - A Case Study on Railway Workers in Southwest China

Li, K (2021) Health deterioration caused by irregular working schedules - A Case Study on Railway Workers in Southwest China.

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Abstract:PURPOSE: This study investigates the most common work-related diseases of railway workers in Southwest China and tries to build some mediation analysis models to elucidate the effects of irregular working schedules, including unhealthy lifestyles (smoking, drinking) and work-related diseases. METHODS: This study used a secondary analysis of an existing non-public dataset with passed ethical approval from the Sichuan University of China. The dataset collects the health examination results of China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd 23265 employees. The health situation among railway workers in Southwest China was analysed statistically by descriptive analyses, Chi-squares and mediation analyses. RESULTS: According to the descriptive analyses, the most common diseases of railway workers are endocrine, nutritional and metabolite diseases, circulatory system diseases, digestive system diseases, blood diseases. The results show that the number of endocrines, nutritional and metabolite disease is the most. We have confirmed through mediation analysis that shift work is a higher weighted factor that causes workers to get sick among these four work-related diseases. Smoking and drinking played an intermediary role in the model. CONCLUSION: Irregular working schedules not only directly lead to work-related diseases but also cause workers to choose some unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking and drinking, which can also lead to work-related diseases. This study provided a research foundation for future scholars and health decision-makers in occupational health to have some detailed research on each disease or make relevant health decisions based on the current results.
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Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
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Programme:Health Sciences MSc (66851)
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