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An exploration of a programmatic delivery approach for programmes in the construction sector

Lutt, Sander (2021) An exploration of a programmatic delivery approach for programmes in the construction sector.

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Abstract:The construction industry faces multiple major internal and external challenges: rewiring of current contracts or developing of new contracts, increasing the amount of innovation and cross-functional cooperation, and increasing cross-project knowledge transfer and cross-project cooperation (internally) more sustainable and circular construction industry, and reduction of greenhouse gas-emissions (externally). A programmatic delivery approach could tackle (part of) all these five challenges. The objective of this research was to develop a definition of a programmatic delivery approach, to investigate client properties that suit a programmatic delivery approach, to determine the application characteristics of a programmatic delivery approach & to develop a hands-on product for advising a programmatic delivery approach. Unfortunately, literature on a programmatic delivery approach is not available yet, since it is a new ideology. Therefore, five other collaboration focussed project delivery methods that show similarities with a programmatic delivery approach are analysed: framework agreements, alliancing, public private partnerships, innovation partnerships and integrated project deliveries. The analysis of these methods led to preliminary conclusions which were verified by means of a survey with experts in the area of contracting and procuring. Based on the results of the survey, a guideline was developed that can be used by engineering firms to advise and guide a client in the process of deciding for and designing of a programmatic delivery approach. This guideline could potentially trigger a transformation in the construction sector towards the delivery of programmes, effectively tackling multiple major challenges.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Construction Management and Engineering MSc (60337)
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