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Influence of the test section type on the airfoil trailing edge aeroacoustic test

Koenjer, Chiel (2021) Influence of the test section type on the airfoil trailing edge aeroacoustic test.

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Abstract:Social resilience against wind energy asks for academic, aeroacoustic research to reduce noise emissions. Airfoil aeroacoustic tests, focused on trailing edge noise, are executed. The methodology gives understanding about: aeroacoustic airfoil phenomena, underlying aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, and the parameters influencing the noise, supported by XFOIL simulations. Literature about noise reduction techniques is given, noise reducing methods are designed, and resulting in a maximum background noise reduction of 12 dB. Test section influence on the near - and far field noise is assessed, reduced and compared. Experiments are executed with three different airfoils (NACA0012, NACA0018, and NACA63018) in three test section types (Open-Jet, Hybrid , and Closed) in the A2-aeroacoustic wind tunnel of the UT. In conclusion, the influence of the test section type in trailing edge noise measurements is small. Background noise may differ, but is not influencing the results for the near field in any way at zero Angle of Attack (AoA). Far field noise results at AoA=0° show minor deviations in the obtained noise reduction, mainly present in the Closed Test Section for higher free stream velocities. Regarding non-zero Angles of Attack, the test section influence is increased for both the near - and far field.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:43 environmental science
Programme:Sustainable Energy Technology MSc (60443)
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