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Performance of DNS over QUIC

Batenburg, B. (2022) Performance of DNS over QUIC.

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Abstract:IP addresses are impossible for humans to remember, especially when the number of websites is gigantic these days. To combat this the Domain Name System (DNS) exists to automatically find the address for a hostname. The old protocol is insecure since it sends all data unencrypted, which allows bad actors to eavesdrop, and by preference without reliable and error-corrected transport protocols. More secure and reliable alternatives such as DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS have so far increased processing requirements and latency. DNS over QUIC is a new proposed protocol over the faster QUIC transport layer, that claims to have less impact on latency while still providing the same amount of security as other secure DNS protocols. On the Internet, nothing gets adopted based on a theoretical improvement though, so research is needed to assess the theoretical performance claims of this new protocol. The paper will describe a methodology to test the new protocol against the other secure transport protocols for DNS and the classical insecure version over normal TCP and UDP. It will also analyse the latency of each protocol to 4 different locations around the globe and conclude from that that the DNS over QUIC proposed protocol is faster in some situations and similar to the other protocols in others. Making DNS over QUIC a good option for further specification and implementation.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Computer Science BSc (56964)
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