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Clarifying the unknown workload in a startup using Business Process Modeling

Duwe, Sven (2021) Clarifying the unknown workload in a startup using Business Process Modeling.

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Abstract:This research is conducted at a startup company, located in the east of the Netherlands. This startup focuses on innovative solutions related to water management. In this research, one product of the company has been selected to conduct a research on. The goal of this thesis is to professionalize the company by creating a business process model, which provides a clear overview of the installation process of this product. First, the preliminary problem has been determined by conducting interviews within the company. Furthermore, observations are made to identify potential core problems. Thereafter, a problem cluster has been made to examine the preliminary problem and the potential core problems. From this, the core problem was identified as the unknown workload, which causes possible unsatisfied customers. In order to create a solution for this core problem, several literature studies have been performed. Since the creation of a Business Process Model is a professionalization step for a startup, a literature study into Business Process Management Maturity models has been performed. One maturity model has been selected with the help of a multi criteria analysis. The result of this multi criteria analysis was the BPMM-OMG model. The BPMM-OMG maturity model identifies process areas in which you are able to professionalize your company. In relation to time limitations for this research, only parts of the model have been applied. Following expert judgements of the company, Organizational Business Governance and Work Unit Requirements Management has been selected as the two areas to perform research in. These process areas describe specific practices and in consultation with the supervisor of the company, two specific practices were selected and transformed into process templates, which were used as a guidance towards the solution. These process templates are then followed and a solution, regarding Business Process Modeling, has been created. The solution consists out of one main model which has multiple sub processes. In addition, a literature study has been performed in order to select the best Business Process Modeling Language. After this literature study, Business Process Modeling Notation has been selected to use as the modeling language for the creation of the Business Process Model. After the selection of the modeling language, the possible modeling tools were researched on the basis of a literature review. Eventually, the Business Process Model was created, on the basis of the process templates, using Business Process Modeling Notation within Visual Paradigm. Concluding, the model that has been created consists out of four main processes which all have sub processes. Within these sub processes, requirements of the activities are linked to the associated activity within Visual Paradigm. With, for instance, the format of invoices linked to the associated activity, the employee is directly able to see that he or she needs to send an invoice and immediately has the format ready. This ensures that the employees know their workload and immediately have the associated documents at hand. Thus, improving the process areas Organizational Business Governance and Work Unit Requirements Management by creating a Business Process Model within Visual Paradigm using Business Process Modeling Notation, provides a clear overview of the installation process of this product. Finally, the research into the BPMM-OMG maturity model can be used in order to create adapted process templates for other processes related to this product.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Orange Water Works, Hengelo, Netherlands
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:50 technical science in general, 85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Industrial Engineering and Management BSc (56994)
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