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Functional analysis case study research using pattern-matching

Fares, B. (2022) Functional analysis case study research using pattern-matching.

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Abstract:More engineering firms are transforming their work to organizational set-ups, applying Systems Engineering methodology in their processes to design and deliver their projects, therefore, a good knowledge of the processes and methods that are used to apply the SE methodology, by a thorough analysis. The functional analysis is an important design step in the SE process, that causes some delay and confusion issues to the engineers working on the projects. Delays that cause an increase in the time and cost of the functional analysis process, furthermore, cause a disconnect between the SE model steps (requirements to functions, then objects). This report will take the functional analysis as a case study and focus on the FAST diagram method as a recommended analysis tool that requires a team session to produce functions. The analysis of the case study will use a pattern-matching technique to connect the theoretical (literature) and empirical data (interviews) of an engineering firm, then compare both to understand the situation and find solutions to delay problems. The case study research will focus on answering 3 questions regarding each type of pattern mentioned and comparison through collecting data and objectively analyzing it. Patterns related to the functional production process, such as Free solution wording of functions, negative wording, hierarchical grouping and decomposing of functions, ...etc. Other important aspects in the organization of the functional analysis team sessions are also analyzed in the case study research, such as enthusiasm, knowledge of the process.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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