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Adaptive Expertise within the Technical Medicine curricula

Menting, Jan (2022) Adaptive Expertise within the Technical Medicine curricula.

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Abstract:As the world around us is developing at an ever-increasing pace, technology in healthcare is no different. To keep medical professionals well-informed and up-to-date,` universities, in this case, medical schools, are searching for ways to prepare their students for these challenges. The Technical Medicine program of the University of Twente has been developing its curriculum while aiming to give its students something more than regular courses: skills to become adaptive experts. Adaptive expertise is a broad construct that includes several cognitive, personality-related, and motivational aspects which enhance problem-solving. Doctors who have adaptive expertise skills, which are based on the following components: knowledge structures, metacognitive capabilities, and innovative skills are able to have a deeper understanding of their profession. Not just knowing what procedure works and how, but also why. Increasing their problem-solving skills and granting them the ability to be more flexible when helping their patient.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Programme:Educational Science and Technology MSc (60023)
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