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A Semi-Analytical model for Mode I delamination prediction in bolted bonded composite joints

Kerk, J.J. van de (2022) A Semi-Analytical model for Mode I delamination prediction in bolted bonded composite joints.

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Abstract:A novel semi-analytical (SA) model has been proposed to analyse mode I delamination in bonded composite structures including fasteners. The DCB specimen is divided in three domains with each a set of hierarchical shape functions to describe the displacement field. The Principle of Minimal Potential Energy combined with the Rayleigh-Ritz Method are used to determine the set of equilibrium equations. The total strain energy of the specimen is defined in terms of, the bending strain energy of the laminate, the strain energy of the bonding area between the sub-laminates, and the fastener strain energy. The overall displacement field obtained by solving the set of equilibrium equations is used to define the specimen’s compliance function, from which the Strain Energy Release Rate (SERR) can be determined. The Newton Raphson iteration scheme is used to compute the crack growth with varying loading during the delamination propagation. The results of the SA model in terms of load-displacement curves were compared with FE predictions and experimental results and a very good agreement was found between the results. The proposed SA model allows large parametric studies at very low computational cost, being a powerful tool for preliminary analysis, design, and optimization of bolted-bonded composite parts.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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