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The Effect of Emotion Regulation Flexibility on Efficient Recovery from Daily Stressors : An Experience Sampling Study

Bählkow, Chiara (2022) The Effect of Emotion Regulation Flexibility on Efficient Recovery from Daily Stressors : An Experience Sampling Study.

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Abstract:Background. Even brief everyday stressors can promote the development of psychopathology and other health-damaging diseases. In order to minimize the destructive effects of daily stressors, a quick recovery from them is crucial. There are various emotion regulation strategies which are influential factors in the stress recovery process. Nevertheless, newer research increasingly focuses on the flexible use of emotion regulation strategies, as adaptability of these strategies to different contexts and emotions seems important for sufficient and fast recovery. As the effectiveness of emotion regulation flexibility is still understudied, this paper aims at clarifying the influence of emotion regulation flexibility on the efficiency of affective recovery from daily stressors. Method. An experience sampling study design was used, where 21 students (Mage = 21.1, SDAge = 1.81) filled in a questionnaire ten times per day for six consecutive days. Linear Mixed Model analyses with stress recovery as the dependent and coping flexibility, as well as emotion regulation flexibility as the independent variables were run. Results. No significant results were found in this research. More precisely, no significant associations between emotion regulation flexibility and daily stress recovery, as well as coping flexibility and daily stress recovery were found, suggesting that neither trait nor state emotion regulation flexibility seems to positively influence the recovery process from daily stressors in this sample. Conclusion. Even though no significant effects on stress recovery were found, this research is one of the first to empirically investigate the flexible use of emotion regulation strategies in the context of daily stress recovery. In addition, results facilitate understanding of how university students recover from daily stressors.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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