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The effect of the Enhanced Cognitive Interview approach on the memory ability of patients in medical history taking

Liebetruth, J.C.B. (2022) The effect of the Enhanced Cognitive Interview approach on the memory ability of patients in medical history taking.

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Abstract:Medical history taking is important as it is the first step in the medical process and the base of medical treatment. Retrieving accurate and complete information from patients about their symptoms, and medication is necessary for the decisions of doctors about medication, what to prescribe, and the further progress of treatment. In cases of lacking information or false memories, there is a risk of misdiagnoses, which may result in a prolonged condition, further complications, ineffective treatment, or even death. This study intended to enhance the medical history taking by approaching the patients’ memories with cues, rapport and empathy to increase the retrieval process. In an experimental interview setting, the approach of the Enhanced Cognitive Interviewing technique by Geiselman et al. (1984), which is found to enhance memory retrieval, is adjusted to the history-taking process. It is tested what influence this included approach has on the number of recalled details and duration of the interviews, compared to the standard medical history-taking approach. Additionally, rapport and empathy were measured, throughout their expected ability to enhance memory through decreasing stress. For the measurements, the Rapport Scale for Investigative Interviews, and Interrogations by Duke et al. (2018), and for empathy, Shen’s (2010) State Empathy Scale (SES), were used. A between-subject experiment with two interview conditions and a sample of mainly students was conducted (N=60). No significant results were found in the enhancement of the (accurate) number of details, rapport and empathy in the ECI condition, so there could not be identified any clear advantages of the ECI over the normal rapportbuilding condition. Furthermore, the ECI was found to take longer which is an aspect of a decrease in efficiency.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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