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"I do not remember this" – The impact of using Enhanced Cognitive Interviewing techniques in a pharmaceutical encounter

Smith, Elia M.S. (2022) "I do not remember this" – The impact of using Enhanced Cognitive Interviewing techniques in a pharmaceutical encounter.

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Abstract:The medical history interview in a hospital is crucial for the further recovery process. A thorough and accurate medical history is one of main factors that determine future treatment. It is known that building rapport and state empathy helps to build a good relationship and increase information retrieval during this interview. One way to further enhance this process could be the Enhanced Cognitive Interviewing, well-established police interviewing style. It includes interviewing techniques designed to improve rapport building but its focus is increasing the interviewee's memory ability. This is done among other aspects by including techniques such as perspective-taking and the usage of cues. These specific techniques are currently not used in medical interviews and could thus foster a more accurate and detailed medical history. The study was implemented as a between-subject design with two conditions (Structured interview with rapport building/ structured interview with Enhanced Cognitive Interviewing techniques). The participants (N = 60) were asked to study a provided medical history, which they were then asked questions about during an interview. This was done to investigate the difference in quantity and quality of the remembered details. They further had to fill in two post-surveys measuring rapport and state empathy. The results illustrated that the number of incorrect details was significantly lower (median difference of 1.50) and the interview duration significantly longer (mean difference of 3:14 min) when using the Enhanced Cognitive Interviewing.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:44 medicine
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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