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"This Is What’s Going to Happen Next": Using Procedural Information to Increase Help-Seeking Behaviours and The Effect of Expectancy Violations

Heinke, Julius (2022) "This Is What’s Going to Happen Next": Using Procedural Information to Increase Help-Seeking Behaviours and The Effect of Expectancy Violations.

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Abstract:Lack of treatment constitutes a main driving factor in the increasing prevalence and costs of mental health conditions. Help-seeking barriers often prevent individuals suffering from mental health conditions from accessing the treatment they need. Lack of mental health literacy and lack of rapport between professional and client constitute major barriers, as they affect both treatment initiation and continuation. The current study investigated the effect of procedural information on help-seeking behaviours and the influence of expectancy violations on this effect. It was hypothesized that providing clients with procedural information will increase rapport as well as the likelihood that they initiate treatment. Further, it was hypothesized that increased rapport will lead to increased treatment continuation. At last, it was expected that expectancy violations regarding the information will limit its effects. Using a between-subjects design, 99 participants were randomly allocated to one of three groups. The control group received irrelevant information. The other two groups received procedural information. Subsequently, participants took part in online intake interviews. In the control group and in one group that received procedural information, the healthcare professional acted in accordance with the information, while in the third group they did not act in accordance with the information. After the session, rapport, treatment initiation and treatment continuation were assessed. The findings of this study do not indicate any direct effect of providing clients with information, as well as violating expectations they may hold on treatment initiation, treatment continuation and rapport. It was found, however, that greater rapport is associated with increased help-seeking behaviour in clients. Currently, it cannot be assumed that the provision of procedural information is an effective method for increasing help-seeking behaviours of individuals suffering from mental health conditions. Instead, healthcare professionals should aim for establishing rapport with their clients as much and as quickly as possible.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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