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Agility for communication professionals : going beyond the software industry

Banyte, E. (2022) Agility for communication professionals : going beyond the software industry.

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Abstract:Introduction: The communication industry is as dynamic as ever, posing new challenges, industry changes and global competition. Agile methodologies offer the ability to predict environmental changes and respond effectively and efficiently when they happen. However, little is known about agile methodology's perceived advantages and drawbacks during communication strategy planning. Objective: This study aims to examine communication professional experiences and opinions about the advantages and drawbacks of the agile methodology during communication strategy planning. Method: Qualitative methods with semi-structured interviews were chosen for this study. Fourteen interviews were conducted with communication professionals to explore their perceived advantages and drawbacks during communication strategy planning. The interview guide supported navigating through semi-structured interviews. Results: This study resulted in a list of 29 advantages and drawbacks of agile methods based on three areas of interest, namely tools and technologies, processes and structures, and culture and people. Literature contradicts the finding of fragmented departments. This study extends the understanding of the competitive advantage. Additionally, this study confirms the importance of top management support and the drawback of employees’ resistance to change in working styles. Lastly, this research found that changes in terms of new hires can hinder agile culture adoption and cause confusion regarding a way of working. Practical Implications: It is suggested that agencies or communication departments should acknowledge the critical role of top management and account managers during communication strategy planning. Also, this research shows the importance of putting effort into agile training, consistent use of the agile method and consistent use of agile technology. Moreover, this research can benefit clients as much as communication professionals in understanding the experiences and opinions of agile methods during communication strategy planning. Conclusion: Research showed the vitality to assess agile communication strategy planning from various angles. Communication professionals suggested a variety of advantages and drawbacks experienced or thought of while working in an agile way. As there is little research about agility in the communication industry, this study can be a starting point for more thorough analyses of communication professionals’ experiences with agility. Keywords: agile methodology, communication strategy planning, communication industry, agility.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies BSc (56615)
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