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The Degree of Anonymity in Ideation

Podea, Vladimir (2022) The Degree of Anonymity in Ideation.

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Abstract:This study explores the effect of three degrees of anonymity on the output of the ideation process referred as to idea generation performance. Its aim is to determine if selective anonymity proves as the anonymity degree leading to the greatest ideation performance as it reduces evaluation apprehension and social loafing simultaneously as opposed to full anonymity’s or identifiability’s one-sided advantages. An experiment has been conducted in which 106 students were assigned to produce ideas under one of the three treatment conditions. The collected data captured the treatment condition, perceived evaluation apprehension, social loafing, number of ideas per participant and their respective quality in terms of novelty, user value but also purchase intent. The gathered statistics were evaluated using variance, regression and mediation analysis in order to identify differences among the degrees of anonymity along with the effects between the variables. The research did not recognize an effect of the predictor on the outcome nor on the mediating variables however, the negative impact of the mediators on the dependent variable was established. The three treatment conditions resulted in no statical difference in the idea generation performance. Selective anonymity did not lead to a higher number of ideas generated or average idea quality compared to anonymous and identified ideation. Furthermore, the degree of anonymity did not present an effect on evaluation apprehension, social loafing or idea generation performance. Lastly, the negative impact of the inhibitors on the output of the conceptualization activity has been identified. These findings however display the selective anonymity’s equivalent capabilities with respect to anonymity and identifiability.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Programme:International Business Administration BSc (50952)
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