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University spin-off early stage success – The relationship between individual & team conditions and competences in acquiring government funding

Gachadorian, Rafi (2022) University spin-off early stage success – The relationship between individual & team conditions and competences in acquiring government funding.

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Abstract:University spin-offs (USOs) are increasingly recognized as important mechanisms fostering regional economic and societal development. This research study responds to recent scholarly works on academic entrepreneurship and contributes novel insights by assessing the impact of different USO individual and team conditions & competencies related to the necessity of acquiring early stage government funding. This is seen as one of the main impacting factors of USO venture credibility and success in the early stages of development due to the limited financial aid from government sources. To address this research problem, this study focuses on understanding the role of star scientist involvement in the early stage of USO development, the process of team development in the goals of creating an effective team that is able to deliver promising products into the market, the business and technological skills needed to be developed to achieve the vision and goals set from the start, the R&D competences needed in the USO team for the process of researching and developing ground breaking innovative products and the role of marketing competences in the USO team that determines their ability in reaching customers interested in the developed products on USO ability, all these factors that help to create sustainable and impactful solutions. This study benefits from comprehensive interviews with experts and the findings indicate that the involvement of star scientists in USO teams can be beneficial if the objective usefulness of their participation is the main focus instead of the popularity that these figures can being to help attract funding. USO teams need to be established correctly from the first days of the venture, aligned under a unified vision and common goals to become effective and therefore able to deliver promising products that increase the USO credibility. All academic spin offs need to acquire technological and business skills that are unmissable to develop the products and set up a profitable and successful business. R&D competences are essential in USOs with high tech nature but could be less centric to spin offs of lower tech heavy projects stemming from universities by students instead of researchers. The marketing competences are a must to all academic spins offs that wish to not only survive but also thrive and grow to generate an increased economic and social values to societies.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Programme:International Business Administration BSc (50952)
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