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Design thinking : understanding usefulness from tech company employees

Bondarciuc, S. (2022) Design thinking : understanding usefulness from tech company employees.

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Abstract:Though big tech companies sell a large number of software products to various customers, there is little knowledge on what techniques are useful in the selling process. Companies take different approaches when interacting with their customers, from initial client meetings to annual strategy sessions. Hence, there are multiple ways to engage with a customer, one of which being design thinking. Design thinking represents an iterative methodology that aims to improve a product by generating a creative mindset for the people involved in this process. The objective of this paper was to understand how useful is a design thinking workshop for employees in big tech companies. As this workshop might be a possible technique useful in the selling process of software products, it was vital to understand the employees’ thoughts on actually using such a workshop with their customers. A usability test for a design thinking workshop was conducted, where 10 participants interacted with the workshop and expressed their opinions on its usefulness. A coding scheme was used to analyse the transcripts of the usability tests, through the process of open coding. The findings empirically confirmed that employees do see an added value of using a design thinking workshop, still holding some concerns on various details implied in the workshop materials. Participants thought that such a workshop can result in better engagement with their customers, but without a proper training prior to holding the workshop, they can encounter difficulties in performing. It was further concluded that the design thinking methodology requires an adequate level of eduction on the topic, as well as enough practice to make employees in big tech companies feel confident in their overall performance. With that being said, a design thinking workshop can hold viable benefits to be considered by big tech companies willing to approach a new engaging way of selling software to customers.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:01 general works
Programme:Communication Studies BSc (56615)
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