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Pay2Win : How companies win their customers with multimedia marketing strategies

Grüwaz, M.G. (2022) Pay2Win : How companies win their customers with multimedia marketing strategies.

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Abstract:With an increasing number of adolescent gamers, marketing strategies increase as well while trying to target their possible new consumers. Therefore, the current study examines different elements in a multimedia marketing strategy including advergames that increase the engagement of adolescents into a fast-food brand. The aim of this study was to investigate on the impact of product-game congruity (advertised product in an advergame & advertised video) and brand saturation on adolescent’s brand attitude, brand trust and purchase intention. To do so, a 2 (game-message congruity versus game-message incongruity) x2 (high brand saturation vs low brand saturation) between-subject experimental design which resulted in four different conditions was created. Data collection resulted in 139 valid responses (Age: M=16.39, SD=0.87, Gender: Male=51.8%, Female=40.3%, Non-binary=2.9%, Other=5.0%). Results of the present study show that adolescents are significantly influenced in their brand trust and purchase intention by the amount of brand saturation and the congruence of the product and the game’s message. While product-game congruity impacts the product and brand preferences of respondents of the correct target group (carnists), brand saturation is the impacting construct for all participants. In addition, trust factors into the brand have an impact on the purchase intention of adolescents after the exposure of a multimedia marketing strategy including advergames. Discussion: Findings underline the importance of an integrated marketing strategy when planning and executing multimedia marketing campaigns. Furthermore, marketers should carefully target their audience and test their campaign in a small scale before executing it as the impact of advergames differs per context. This study is limited in its possibility to draw conclusions about the brand attitude of adolescents. Future studies should investigate the effect of the present design factors for a more specific and well targeted audience of respondents. Furthermore, present study is limited in drawing conclusion about the long tail effect of the present design factors.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies BSc (56615)
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