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Developing and Testing the Russian Version of the BOT Usability

Kukuruza, Wladimir (2022) Developing and Testing the Russian Version of the BOT Usability.

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Abstract:Chatbots are becoming increasingly important, especially in the customer service section. However, reliable and valid usability measurements tailored to chatbots are still a rarity. Usability can be measured by satisfaction. The "BOT Usability Scale" (BUS-11), developed by Borsci et al. (2021) attempts to do just that; measure user satisfaction towards chatbots. While this questionnaire is promising, there are only a few translated versions of it Borsci et al. (2021). Therefore, not all countries and its populations can use this tool to improve chatbots. To increase the number of translated versions of this questionnaire, the BUS-11 was translated into the Russian language and tested for its validity by performing a confirmatory factor analysis. To further investigate the validity, a correlation analysis with the translated version of the UMUX-LITE questionnaire was performed. Forty-three participants interacted with six chatbots and completed one task per chatbot. After interacting with each chatbot, they filled out the translated version of the BUS-11 (RUS-BUS-11) and the translated version of the UMUX-LITE (RUMUX-LITE). The PCA confirmed the five-factor model of the RUS-BUS-11. Furthermore, the correlation analysis with the RUMUX-LITE showed a high and significant correlation with the RUS-BUS-11, indicating high validity. Moreover, to ensure a correct translation of the RUMUX-LITE, the reliability of this scale was also investigated. The results showed that the translated version is as reliable as the original. Lastly, the influence of age on user satisfaction towards chatbots was assessed. A simple linear regression showed no significant relationship between age and user satisfaction towards chatbots. The results suggest that the RUS-BUS-11 is a reliable and valid tool to measure user satisfaction in the Russian language and the RUMUX-LITE is also a reliable measurement tool for measuring satisfaction towards chatbots. However further evaluation of the RUS-BUS-11 is recommended, due to the sample method and size and because of an accidentally mistranslated factor.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Social Sciences and Humanties Education MSc (68532)
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