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Physicalization of dynamic, physiological data

Peeters, D.W.M. (2022) Physicalization of dynamic, physiological data.

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Abstract:The interest in data research has been growing over the years, however, the challenges and opportunities in the development of a physicalization of real time, dynamic data have been largely unexplored. One of the use cases that will be explored in this research is the use of physiological data in order to physicalize human affect. Developing such a system come with several different aspects, the physicalization itself, the wearable to acquire physiological data and the pipeline, which is the backbone of the system. It describes how the data is acquired, transmitted, processed and stored throughout the full system, and forms a blueprint for future physicalization. A prototype was built and tested with users to find out more in regards to the usefulness and effectiveness of the full system. This showed that a physicalization of real-time dynamic data is possible and useful, however, several challenges regarding the accuracy of the classification of physiological state and the sensors were found. The result of the research proves the viability of a physicalization of dynamic data, and describes the challenges related to it, with a blueprint in the form of a pipeline as a basis for future developments of physicalizations of dynamic data.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:53 electrotechnology, 54 computer science
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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