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The application of early HTA in research funding decisions at the Dutch Heart Foundation

Nuijsink, C. (2022) The application of early HTA in research funding decisions at the Dutch Heart Foundation.

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Abstract:The Dutch Heart Foundation (DHF) is a research funder for cardiovascular diseases in the Netherlands. They fund research projects aiming to reduce the burden of disease. Early HTA is a method a research funder can adopt to know the potential impact a research project may have in the future. An early HTA economic evaluation has been conducted in several research projects. An early HTA ethical analysis was retrospectively performed focusing on a project about xenotransplantation. The results of the economic evaluations indicates that all potential interventions resulting from the research projects seem cost-effective. The results of the ethical analysis show that there are good reasons for the clinical application of xenotransplantation, however there are found multiple ethical objections. This study is explorative, where a lot of uncertainty negatively influences the reliability of the results. The results of this study show that early HTA evaluations are feasible for a large part of the research projects and provide additional information relevant for decision making. We conclude therefore that the DHF could take advantage of implementing early HTA in their funding policy, because this enables the DHF to be better informed about the expected impact of projects that they fund.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Dutch Heart Foundation, The Hague, Netherlands
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:01 general works
Programme:Health Sciences MSc (66851)
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