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Cognitive bias modification training to reduce social anxiety using the Implicit VitalitY app (IVY)

Jerjes, S. (2022) Cognitive bias modification training to reduce social anxiety using the Implicit VitalitY app (IVY).

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Abstract:This study researched the effect of Cognitive Bias modification on social anxiety. Affective empathy and implicit bias were researched to determine whether they had a moderating and mediating effect respectively. Participants (N = 22) were asked to fill in the LSAS before and after the CBM training to measure the change in self-reported explicit social anxiety. The Implicit Association Test was used to measure implicit bias also before and after the training. Affective empathy was only measured once at baseline through a subscale of the QCAE. It was hypothesized that CBM would reduce social anxiety and that affective empathy and implicit bias would have a moderating and mediating effect. CBM showed an insignificant effect on social anxiety (p = 0.444) and both affective empathy (p = 0.167) and implicit bias (p = 0.469) showed insignificant results after the moderation and mediation analyses. Implicit bias scores did change marginally significantly after the CBM training (p = 0.094). The results indicated that CBM training did not significantly improve social anxiety and affective empathy and implicit bias did not have a significant interaction on this effect. The main limitation of this study was the sample size due to many drop-outs (29 drop-outs out of 51). Technical issues were probably one of the main reasons for the number of drop-outs and for further studies the issues need to be resolved. It is concluded that further research is necessary to determine whether CBM can improve social anxiety. To tailor the training for every individual, researching the effect of personality traits on effectiveness is recommended.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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