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Engendered Land Administration System – Mysore Slums Upgrading

Kahuri, Serah Kabui (2010) Engendered Land Administration System – Mysore Slums Upgrading.

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Abstract:The debate on gender in land matters has received much attention from the academic community and international organizations. Land rights (access and control) are supposed to empower people; but conferring a title to the male head of a family has been found not to benefit women and children. In this light, a lot of initiatives and efforts at international level have been put into place to improve the delivery of land rights equitably. This has been done through Constitutional reviews, land policy reforms, change in organizational institutions and public awareness campaigns. By integrating Gendered Land Tools (GLTs), Land Administration Systems (LAS) become engendered, and progress has been noted like the issuance of joint titles. Using a comparative approach and Gendered Land Tools, this research used two slums to investigate whether engendered LAS actually deliver women‘s land rights. The research also investigated whether the land rights included both access and control of the landed property. The findings indicate that in Mysore, the engendered LAS delivered partial rights to slum dwellers in both slums; access land rights. These partial rights are delivered to family members who happen to be present at the time of regularization. Women who join such families later through marriage have no access or control to land rights; they have use rights only. It was found that even with engendered LAS in place, institutional practices such as delayed up-dating of the slum land registry records have contributed towards denying married women access to land rights. . Key words: Gender, Engendered LAS, Engendered Implementation, Delivery of land rights, Access, Control, Land reforms
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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