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Studying the correlation between customary tenures and indigenous people’s poverty in Indonesian land administration system: Case studies in Dayak community, Indonesia and Sami people, Finland

Adi, Fajar Nugroho (2010) Studying the correlation between customary tenures and indigenous people’s poverty in Indonesian land administration system: Case studies in Dayak community, Indonesia and Sami people, Finland.

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Abstract:Keywords: Indigenous people, Customary rights, Adat, Poverty, Social tenure, Participatory Reality shows that within the Indonesian land administration system, the existence of indigenous people and their customary tenures have not been recognised yet. And, whether it has correlation with the fact that they still live in poverty needs to be investigated in order to achieve the national sustainable development purpose. This thesis was carried out to study the correlation between the recognition of customary tenures and indigenous people’s poverty and then to suggest an alternative land administration system as a solution tool. Empirical data had been gathered through the fieldwork phase and working experiences and also supported by secondary data in the two case studies. These empirical data show characteristics and description of two countries with different development levels, in sharing some similarities about the importance of customary tenures for the indigenous people. For the first case study, the Dayak community, characteristics of utilising their properties were to balance their livelihood requirements for food and other basic needs satisfaction. In the other case study, the Sami people expected their customary tenure to be acknowledged into formal land administration system for cultural identity preservation. The findings in this thesis are not radical conclusions but have a broader sense of an alternative land administration as a pro-poor land management system to alleviate the indigenous people’s poverty. It seems that in developing countries such as Indonesia, the recognition of customary tenures has a strong correlation with the programme of poverty alleviation and sustainable development. However, in well-developed countries such as Finland, where the indigenous people have already enjoyed the socio-economic benefits from land registration results, the importance of customary tenure recognition is shifted to self-actualisation purposes and cultural preservation. Therefore, to provide land administration as a means of land policy for sustainable development and pro-poor land management system, it requires different strategies for recognising and delivering tenure security to the indigenous people and must reflect the problems that indigenous people face. Appropriately designed and locally adjusted land management systems combined with tenure security tools are needed for the poor indigenous people. These informal and customary arrangements do not fit precisely into private titling strategies only. It requires alternative solution tools, more flexible than a private title, and more comprehensive land management system designs to support a wider and more complex range of tenures. To realize these alternative solution tools, Indonesian land administration system can implement the STDM in modelling people to land relationship, which are supported by participatory approaches in strengthening customary rights. Their communal resource management and their access to land and other natural resources can be modelled using the STDM in the SocialTenureRelation class. Then, participatory mapping can be used to develop community awareness of local situations and to strengthen the community institutions through promoting indigenous people’s empowerment. But these alternative solution tools must be supported by the government issuing a legal umbrella that guarantees the application and impact this alternative land administration instrument.
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