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The updating process of a National Atlas in a GDI environment: the role of atlas editors

Zumbulidze, Maia (2010) The updating process of a National Atlas in a GDI environment: the role of atlas editors.

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Abstract:A National atlas is a collection of maps with a narrative function. National Atlas maps represent spatial datasets that characterize a country. An important aspect of a National Atlas is the ability for maps comparison. A National Atlas can provide an alternative access to a Geospatial Data Infrastructure (GDI), this means that National Atlas maps can use geospatial data from different sources available through GDI. This research will be based on the current prototype of the Dutch National Atlas (3rd edition), its functions have been integrated with Geo-Webservices that make up a GDI. The current prototype doesn’t have any function of the updating process. The main goal of this research is to perform an update process of National atlas maps in a GDI environment. For this reason some functions for the updating process have been added considering National Atlas map design and GDI constrains. Furthermore we set up a conceptual design of the updating process that will include the components required for the updating process. With the aim to maintain well designed maps after updating process of National Atlas maps, the main objective of this research is to establish the tasks of a National Atlas Bureau in a (semi) automatic update process of National atlas maps in a GDI. A (semi) automatic update workflow has been designed using the scenario’s for different types of maps and different types of data changes. Based on the scenario’s we got a clear picture, where in the updating process a human interaction is needed and which part of the updating process can be done fully automatically. As a result we present a (semi) automatic update workflow and a conceptual design of the updating process; Logical and physical design of the updating process. According to the results of this research, we can say that it is likely to have an update process as automate as possible, but there are some cases in an update process that needs a human interaction. This process is flexible, the roles can be changed between an automatic part of system and a human part of National Atlas Bureau. Keywords National Atlas, Geospatial Data Infrastructure (GDI), Geo-Webservices, map design, update process, metadata
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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