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Web Visualization of Trajectory Data using Web Open Source Visualization Libraries

Long, Nguyen Hoang (2010) Web Visualization of Trajectory Data using Web Open Source Visualization Libraries.

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Abstract:Our world is not static. Changes occur in all phenomena in our world over time. Understanding these dynamics to discover spatio-temporal patterns, relationships and trends is an important step to the solution of many global, regional, local problems. Trajectory data is an example of dynamic spatiotemporal data. The increase in number and size of trajectory data challenges researchers to develop a tool for visually exploring the information that the trajectory data contains. Web services with open source visualization libraries offer the capability to build a web application with many explorative functionalities. Nevertheless, the question which web library is the most suitable for visual exploration of trajectory data has not been answered yet. The selection of suitable web visualization library or combination of libraries may be an approach for visual exploration of the trajectory data with multivariate attributes. This research proposes a conceptual model for visual exploration of trajectory data with multivariate attributes by using timemap.js web visualization library. A prototype for visual exploration of iceberg data as a case study was designed and implemented. Our design was based on the related literatures about trajectory data as well as iceberg data and the Visual Information Seeking Mantra “Overview, zoom and filter, details on demand” that was proposed by Shneiderman. The result of this research is a prototype for visual exploration of iceberg data using timemap.js visualization library. The prototype provides 2 views that are linked together (map view and timeline). The prototype has the capability to display overview of each trajectory and the details of each trajectory different zoom levels. It also provides an animation function and some filtering functions. Colour (for existential changes and trajectories) and size (for size changes) were the main visual variables used in the design of the prototype. Finally, usability testing was conducted in this research by using eye tracking and questionnaire. It dealt with the assessment of the prototype from an effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction perspective. Furthermore, by using eye tracking the information about where users looked at most while exploring the iceberg data are given. The results may be valuable for further research. Key words: Client, server, database, web services, web library, PHP, timemap.js, animation, timeline, Visual Information Seeking Mantra
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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