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Automated quality evaluation in the context of spatial data infrastructure

Mobasheri, Amin (2010) Automated quality evaluation in the context of spatial data infrastructure.

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Abstract:Over the past decades, spatial data infrastructures have had a great development all around the world, with almost every country or union which have had a fruitful activity in GIS-related topics, nowadays have constructed their own spatial data infrastructure. The most important outcomes of this technology are the ability to make connection between geo-services, interoperability and harmonization and also to share data in a world wide domain. These shared data are produced and disseminated by big organizations that are responsible for geoinformatics activities or by individual groups that work or research in this field. The level of quality that these datasets conform, plays an important role in their reliability for use in projects. This research aims to provide an automated quality evaluation webservice to evaluate the quality of datasets in Spatial Data Insfrastructure (SDI). This webservice uses a standard process flow model for spatial data quality evaluation. The process of spatial data quality evaluation is a set of connected activities for producing data quality result, and moreover, to fulfil the quality requirements defined by the costumers. The quality evaluation must be done in a consistent manner in order to determine whether the achieved quality level meets the requirements. There exist several quality standards for evaluating the quality of datasets. In this research quality evaluation is based on ISO 19100 series of standards for geographic information. ISO 19113 defines quantitative and qualitative data quality elements used in performing quality evaluation. The possibility of the data quality elements for automated quality evaluation are discussed. Based on suitable data quality elements selected for automated quality evaluation, a process flow model for quality evaluation is designed. Finally, by implementing the designed model of quality evaluation in a web service and testing it, conclusion based on validating the model of quality evaluation and automated quality evaluation webservice is discussed. Keywords geographic information, spatial data quality, quality evaluation, web service, spatial data infrastructure, business process modeling
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation MSc (75014)
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